Understanding conflict, and the choices we have in managing it within our lives, is how we transform destructive conflict into positive growth and healthy change, allowing us to discover our true potential. Dr. John Paul Lederach, a leading expert on peacebuilding and reconciliation, describes conflict transformation as “engaging in constructive change initiatives that include and go beyond the resolution of particular problems. Conflict is normal in human relationships and conflict is a motor of change... We must envision our work as a creative act, an artistic endeavor...​the capacity to imagine something rooted in the challenges of the real world yet capable of giving birth to that which does not yet exist."

Art Transforms Conflict, Inc. is a not for profit, non-governmental corporation whose purpose is to transform through strategic art-based methods the way conflict is perceived, lived and suffered within a community. The creative arts enable conflict members to open new avenues of expression and dialogue, drawing on cultural icons to create a new shared language and allow all generations to participate in the conflict transformation process. Particular emphasis is on the youth so often left behind in peace-building. Without the means to articulate and transform their personal conflicts, they likely will carry forward the seeds of community conflict.

 To maximize our impact in countries, we seek to collaborate with non-governmental organizations (NGO) who are already trusted community partners and want to enhance their existing programs or develop brand-new and innovative ones necessary to effectively deal with the underlying traumas of current or past conflict on a community and generational level. We also seek to partner with other non-profit organizations, foundations and like-minded individuals.