ATC President

Crystina Wyler
  Founder of Art Transforms Conflict

 Ms. Wyler is an award-winning actress in the Americas and Europe, and as a communication specialist she has successfully worked with clients across multiple industries, producing cross-cultural media and communication projects for a variety of cultures, languages and audiences. She is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a focus on trans-generational trauma from Nova Southeastern University. She holds an M.A. in Cross-cultural Communication and Conflict Transformation from NSU and a B.A.  in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Miami. Her acting portfolio includes many leading roles and her film and television career has earned her starring and co-starring roles in high-profile U.S. and European projects. Her signature voice in Spanish and English can be heard throughout the world representing companies such as: Walt Disney Resorts, Cisco Systems, AT&T, Exxon-Mobil, Microsoft, and many others. For more information, please visit

With an understanding of the impact that effective communication offers, and wanting to develop projects that could entertain, educate and inspire, she founded HAWKLI Productions  in 1999 and as Executive Producer took a new role behind the camera. Within two years she and her teams had completed bilingual media projects for regional and national organizations covering a range of topics from domestic abuse to cultural awareness and tolerance. In 2001, her company was signed by the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida to produce an award winning television series that would highlight the cultural traditions and natural resources of both Florida and Native America, the first of its kind, produced by Native Peoples for the general market. In the following years she produced over 100 shows seen both nationally and around the world.

Following her belief that communication is the key to greater understanding among people and communities, Ms. Wyler began working with groups of professionals to enhance communication and presentation skills, leading her to re-launch HAWKLI as The Artful Communicator, Inc.  in 2010, a firm helping individuals and organizations develop effective communication, leadership and conflict management skills. As a personal coach to high-profile executives and international artists, her “Thoughtful Active Communication (TAC) Method” guides clients to become better leaders and communicators by engaging their creativity.  Her workshops approach interpersonal engagement and conflict transformation through the interactive dramatic lens, providing participants with creative methods to facilitate dialogue and address conflict in multicultural settings. These have included communication and conflict transformation training for NGO’s, mental health practitioners and social workers dealing with refugee populations, peace activists and trainers working in areas of armed conflict, and first responders serving Hispanic migrant communities in the United States. She has also organized compelling interpersonal communication seminars for domestic violence survivors, and a series of student-led intercultural dialogues between universities in Lebanon and the United States.

Through the years of her work with multiple communities, Ms. Wyler passionately believes that the creative arts enable conflict members to open new avenues of expression and dialogue, drawing on cultural / emotional icons to create a new language shared within the community. Of particular emphasis, the creative arts allow all generations to share in the conflict transformation process most important including the youth, so often left behind in sustainable peace-building. To support her belief and efforts, in January of 2015 she founded Art Transforms Conflict (ATC),  a global non-profit and non-governmental organization concentrating in three regions; LATAM & Caribbean, North America and the Middle East and North Africa ​(MENA).  The main focus is engaging youth in volatile conflict areas and providing them with alternatives to violence through creative dialogue. Art Transforms Conflict’s purpose is to provide arts-based tools and communication training to global communities plagued by violence. We open new avenues of expression and enable individuals to find their voice, transforming conflict through dialogue.