January 2014: Workshop for teens as part of ‘Teaching Tolerance through Art’ for the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art 2014 Family Day Event. Partnered with Dr. Toran Hansen to develop and present this workshop offered in conjunction with an exhibit by photographer Bob Adelman’s “The Movement” on civil rights era photography.

November / December 2015: "LAOU In Lebanon", a series of interactive dramatic presentations for the Syrian refugee population in Northern Lebanon. The focus of this program was a means through which Syrian refugees and the Lebanese host communities could more effectively engage and interact. Additionally it could also address some of the deep-seated psychological and social challenges faced by the men and youth whose lives had been turned upside down. Produced with support from Concern / Lebanon and Irish Aid,  four presentations at the Baddawi Community Center in Tripoli and Ehsan School in Akkar were completed on topics  ranging from early marriage and women’s financial empowerment, to domestic and gender-based violence, and social / cultural stereotypes. For a full report on the results of this program, please click here to download.

Recent Projects

October 2014: Tanya Awad Ghorra and Crystina Wyler deliver workshop on creative non-violent communication and conflict management training in Lebanon for international peace activists, volunteers and trainers working in areas of active armed conflict. The workshop focused on creative engagement and intensive role-play, providing tools to the trainers on how to address and transform the conflicts that arise as part of their work, as well as manifest the change they wish to bring to the communities they serve.  ATC has continued to provide ongoing support to the trainers via Skype video conferencing during 2015.