Kathleen O'Neill


Ms. O'Neill continues to develop and deepen her career and social commitments by partnering with Art Transforms Conflict, a dynamic new community of problem solvers; lead by Ms. Wyler with whom she has been working for over twenty-five years. Their shared social values have inspired their work.  Ms. O’Neill is a director and actor based in New York with credits from NYC, Boston and Miami.  She holds and MA in Directing from Boston University and in 2007 she founded BOO Arts Productions. In addition to her acting and directing career, she has worked in the Finance industry for 14 years.  She is a trained Bereavement Counselor and Facilitator for Compassionate Friends, an organization begun by Simon Stephens for the purpose of “…transforming the pain of grief into the elixir of hope. It takes people out of the isolation society imposes on the bereaved and lets them express their grief naturally." As a trained facilitator it is her privilege and work to bring Simon Stephens’ dream to reality. This is accomplished through group sessions in which the facilitator provides a safe, secure and judgment free environment for the bereaved to express their thoughts and feelings. Ms. O’Neill uses her varied skills to ensure our human connections. Shakespeare said it clearly, the purpose of the playing/acting (the “work)…”is, to hold as 'twere the mirror up to nature…” and by doing so, to call forth the best in our humanity.


Suzette Henry-Campbell, MSc.


Suzette Henry-Campbell is passionate about developing talent and helping people succeed. Her desire to assist persons who struggle to find their voice, has led her on an academic adventure to self-improvement, in a bid to understand the complexities of the human condition.

Suzette’s career spans both the public and private sector, which contributed to shaping her interest in diversity and multiculturalism as a critical factor to sustainable development initiatives. Her experience as an Industrial Relations practitioner (Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Jamaica) coupled with her professional background in Human Resource Management (Hilton Worldwide) has created a unique blend of perspectives and supports her primary objective, that of helping people develop competencies that will facilitate their success.
Now a doctoral candidate in the Department of Conflict Studies, at Nova Southeastern University, her focus spans multiculturalism and organizational culture. She describes this leg of her scholastic journey as inspiring, given the fact that she has gained valuable insight from her colleagues, many of whom are from different cultures and hold to a range of belief structures. Her rich and diverse experiences have helped to shape and formulate strategies for optimal results. Though her academic and professional pursuit are priority, Suzette carves out time from her schedule to provide pro-bono assistance to marginalized sectors.

Tanya Awad Ghorra
  MENA Region

Ms. Ghorra is a Conflict Management and Mediation trainer using the methods of non-violent communication. She is also a well-known Lebanese television presenter and one of the best known voiceover artists in the Middle East. Born to a Christian father and a Muslim mother, she grew up in the war-torn Lebanon of the 70s and 80s. During periods where sectarianism and madness took place, she and her mother had to hide away to keep themselves safe. So it was very early on that she learned the power of the ‘labels’ we impose on each other. Her personal experiences led to her pursuing a career in journalism. Ms. Ghorra  is a well-known figure on local TV and Arab satellite channels as well as an established and respected voiceover artist. She is the voice in many mobile phone companies that operate in the Arab world and Africa as well as the Arabic voice of major international brands. Following her successful media career, she was part of the first group of Arabs to study Nonviolence in the MENA region at AUNOHR (Academic University for Nonviolence and Human Rights). She received an MA in Nonviolent Education and Conflict Resolution and went on to become a leading mediator and trainer in the field of Empathic nonviolent Communication. Ms. Ghorra has since introduced it as a subject to be taught at a number of private schools in Lebanon. She now spends much of her time teaching ENVC in many local and international NGOs and private sector companies, working with university students, Syrian and Palestinian refugees and schools all over Lebanon. She is a visiting trainer in Egypt, Jordan and Kurdistan, an educational trainer for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, and has also worked with death row inmates in Lebanon. She is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Darin Jones


Darin helps companies connect with their global markets, providing clients the skills and knowledge necessary to break through today’s media clutter. With more than twenty years in integrated marketing and communications, he has worked across multiple industries. His first company DRJ Creative Management provided creative services and staffing for the entertainment and event industries, working on numerous feature films, network television, commercials and corporate events. He first partnered with Crystina Wyler in the launch of Hawkli in 1999, pairing his production and operations skills with her talent and creativity. More recently Darin has been heading marketing, communications and business development  efforts for global technology firms headquartered in the Washington DC area. He also teaches a variety of communications and media courses for the University of Phoenix.